If you’ve ever had to replace an old, worn-out stock suspension bushing, then you already know how big of a pain that process can be.

Decades of use typically turns those rubber bushings stiff as stone, and makes it really, really tough to pry those suckers out—without the strategic use of a blowtorch and some four-letter words, that is.

Hence why this video from our pals at Energy Suspension caught our eye.

a superheated rubber bushing being removed from a control arm
(Image/The Energy Suspension YouTube Channel)

You see, when you bust out a torch to remove a bushing, you’re playing with fire—both literally and figuratively. That’s because, as effective as heat can be for this sort of thing, there is considerable risk of distorting or fatiguing the area you’re working around, which is particularly critical for something like, say, a control arm or leaf spring.

Since they’ve seen a ton of performance polyurethane bushing swaps, the Energy Suspension folks have plenty of experience at getting crusty, old suspension bushings un-stuck. And to help us all out, they channeled that knowledge into a short video that’ll demonstrate the proper way to use a torch to remove a stock suspension bushing.

If you’re planning a bushing swap or suspension upgrade, this quick watch can save you a ton of frustration. Check it out below:

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