Editor’s Note: All photos courtesy of DragDriveRepeat.com.

The Drag-and-Drive season is officially underway as Sick Week rolled through Florida and South Georgia last week. The event did not disappoint as a couple of noteworthy records were established. Bryant Gladstone, last year’s Drag-and-Drive World Champion, won the Unlimited Iron class with a record-setting 6.5194 average in his AMC Javelin. In Pro Street Naturally Aspirated, Matt and Jerry Sweet ran a class-record 7.7378 average in their 1976 Nova.

Of course, track times only tell part of the story on drag-and-drive events. There were pit stops in between tracks and plenty of the camaraderie that makes these competitions unique. Thanks to our friends at DragDriveRepeat.com, we were able to assemble this gallery from the week:

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