I’ll bet that almost everyone reading this has at least one air chuck and one blow gun in the shop. They’re pretty normal pieces of equipment for anyone with an air compressor. What you might not know is there is a huge array of different configurations out there for both air hose accessories. A quick search of SummitRacing.com shows dozens of different air blow guns and dozens more different air chucks. As you might expect, there are options priced for home hobbyists all the way to the professional shop mechanic, with plenty of quality chucks and blow guns in between.

You may also appreciate an air chuck/gauge combo. Read about some tire inflator options here.

Comparing Popular Air Chuck Designs

close up of an air inflator chuck
Here’s your basic air chuck—specifically, this one’s from the folks the at Milton (part number MLI-S-699). Almost every shop has at least one of these, and they’re so inexpensive, you can afford to have a few on hand. (Image/Summit Racing)

Included in the air chuck mix for this article (and this is only a small sampling) is the basic brass style female air chuck that most folks have. The example in the photos is from Milton (part number MLI-S-699). The thread size is 1/4 inch NPT and it has a maximum pressure rating of 150 PSI. They’re just a few bucks, so it’s probably a good idea to gather a few of them—some folks even chain a spare to their compressor!

air inflator chuck
This is a similar chuck from Milton, but as you can see, it has a lever that engages a lock so that it stays on the valve stem. (Image/Summit Racing)

Summit Racing also offers a similar Milton chuck, but with a locking clip under part number MLI-S-698. Here, there’s a lever on the chuck and it allows you to lock the chuck on the valve core (more common with commercial truck or agricultural applications). Essentially, this provides for a secure connection.

Motion Pro Air Inflator Chuck
Motion Pro offers this slick billet aluminum chuck complete with a swivel head. This allows you to reach tough to get at valve stems, and hook on without leaks. The part number is MNP-08-0602. (Image/Summit Racing)

Should you have an urge for something a wee bit more exotic, Motion Pro offers a very slick billet aluminum chuck with an adjustable head. This is pretty convenient if you have a valve stem in a difficult to reach location (common in some powersports applications). The swivel head features O-ring sealing along with a thrust washer for leak free performance. The air chuck is designed with common 1/4 inch NPT threads.

This is the old service standby air chuck manufactured by Milton (part number MLI-S-522). It includes a blade style pressure gauge in the handle. Just about every old gas station on the planet had one of these and they’re still available today. (Image/Summit Racing)

Another old standby that old timers like me have seen in countless service stations of yore is the Milton MLI-S-522 . It includes a foot of hose along with a built-in bayonet style fill gauge.

It too is designed for use with a standard 1/4 inch NPT fitting.

Here’s a Longacre Racing angled chuck (part number LNG-50496). The short angle makes it easy to get inside race wheels. This setup also swivels 360 degrees (Image/Summit Racing)

Longacre manufactures an angled steel chuck under part number 52-50496. What makes these a little different is the fact they swivel 360-degrees. This makes it easier to fit on some wheels.

Comparing Popular Air Blow Gun Designs

Fair enough, but what about compressor powered blow guns? Summit Racing has you covered here too, and as mentioned above, there are huge number of options. Our small cross section covers everything from budget-friendly Milton models all the way up to some pretty slick Lincoln options.

Milton Compressed Air Blow Gun
Here’s another old standby: the Milton blow gun part number MLI-S-148. These blow guns are manufactured from steel and include a replaceable rubber nozzle. (Image/Summit Racing)

A very common Milton model out of SummitRacing.com is part number MLI-S-148. It’s manufactured from steel and incorporates a built-in hook. In addition, it features an interchangeable safety nozzle and rubber nozzle.

If you need some reach, coupled with big power, check out his blow gun from Milton, part number MLI-S-182. It has 10 inches of reach coupled with a maximum air pressure rating of 230 PSI—that can move a lot of debris! (Image/Summit Racing)

If you need something with more reach and more oomph, Milton’s part number MLI-S-182 “Turbo” blow gun will get the job done. It has a 10 inch long nozzle coupled to a pistol grip. Unlike some other air nozzles, this one has a 3/8 inch NPT thread layout. It has a maximum pressure rating of 230 PSI, so you can well imagine the airflow that it produces.

OTC Compressed Air Blow Gun
OTC manufactures this slick combination stainless steel and plastic blow gun (part number OTC-2423). It’s engineered to be quiet (less than an electric drill), so if you have to move some air without making a big racket, this is it. (Image/Summit Racing)

Another long reach air gun to consider is the OTC model OTC-2423. This is a stainless steel tip example, and it’s designed to be quiet, even at 100 PSI. Inlet size is 3/8 inch NPT, which is the same as the high power Milton model.

air chuck for a Compressed Air Blow Gun
Performance Tool has this little stubby blow gun that’s perfect for close-in work. The part number is WMR-M685 and it’s really affordable .(Image/Summit Racing)

Not all blow guns have to be big (or long). Case-in-point is this little stubby option from Performance Tool, part number WMR-M685. It has a steel body that’s short, which allows you to get into tight quarters.

pistol grip Compressed Air Blow Gun
Lincoln manufactures a wide cross section of blow guns. This example (part number LIC-960) has a black anodized aluminum body. Like the Milton previously shown, it also includes a built in hook along with a replaceable nozzle. (Image/Summit Racing)

Finally, for a high end blow gun, take a look at the Lincoln model LIC-960. This blow gun has a lightweight cast aluminum pistol grip body with a 1/4 inch NPT body and a 7/64 inch outlet diameter. Lincoln also has a similar blow gun to the 960 that doesn’t use a a 30 PSI restrictor, part number LIC-940.


As you can see, there are all sorts of different options when it comes to air chucks and blow guns. Along with the considerable differences in shapes and sizes are differences in price points. Bottom line here is, there’s something for everyone’s budget.

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