The OnAllCylinders Podcast has been running for a few years now and has racked up well over fifty episodes during that span, so it’s high time we made our very own holiday special.

After all—if the Ninja Turtles can do it—so can we, right?


So grab your figgy pudding, pour a glass of nog, and crank up the Ray Conniff Singers, because it’s time for the star-studded OnAllCylinders Holiday Podcast Episode Spectacular!

…And of course, by star-studded, we mean the staff at OnAllCylinders and some pals from Summit Racing.

From our OnAllCylinders family to yours, enjoy this peppermint-flavored podcast episode as we reflect on holidays of yesteryear, a few of our favorite Christmas traditions, and what gifts the automotive aftermarket has given us over the decades (along with some that we hope Santa brings us soon). It’s 30 minutes of hotrod holiday fun.

And we promise, after this, no more Holiday Specials.

…Until Arbor Day. Maybe.

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