In general terms, BOOSTane is referred to as an octane booster.

But BOOSTane founder and CEO Ian Lehn feels that “race fuel alternative” describes his product better. That’s because Lehn says BOOSTane provides a practical alternative for expensive racing fuels, allowing budget-minded grassroots racers to increase their octane rating by as much as 23 points. Plus, it’s readily available at speed shops such as Summit Racing, and it much easier to transport than dedicated race fuels.

By adding BOOSTane to your pump fuel, you can raise the octane to as high as 116. There are a few other benefits that come along with the BOOSTane additive. It offers anti-corrosion properties against ethanol and includes cleaning agents to prevent carbon build-up on engine components. The Summit Racing guys caught up with Ian from BOOSTane at the PRI Show, where the race fuel alternative was being featured on Engine Labs’ supercharged 426 Hemi build. Check it out the video below:

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Author: David Fuller

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