Successfully getting your clutch installed in your vehicle is only part of the equation.

Once the clutch is in and working, you’ve got to make sure it’s properly bedded-in to ensure a long, reliable service lifeā€”much like you would with a new set of brake pads and rotors.

The good news is, getting your clutch disc bedded-in isn’t that tough of a job. And the clutch experts over at Centerforce will show you exactly how to do it in this short, informative video.

close up of a man holding a clutch disc
(Image/The Centerforce YouTube Channel)

You’ll see firsthand what you need to do to bed-in your clutch kit. And more importantly, this video is packed with real examples of correctly bedded-in clutch discs…as well as some clutch discs that were not so lucky.

And the Centerforce team will show you a handful of different types of clutch applications too, from a traditional street performance clutch all the way to a serious racing clutch disc.

All told, if you’re planning a clutch disc swap anytime soon, it’s worth the watch below:

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