In the aftermarket auto parts industry, the word billet is tossed around an awful lot—and in plenty of different contexts too.

Sometimes it’s used to describe the sturdiness of a key bracket or housing, while in other instances you hear billet used to describe a slick-looking grille or accent piece. And sometimes, the word billet is flat-out used incorrectly in some odd context simply because it’s an appealing buzzword.

But marketing hyperbole aside, what does the term billet actually mean? And if something is made from billet, is it better?

To get the answers to those questions, our pals over at COBB Tuning made this quick video from their shop floor. COBB makes a ton of billet parts, so its folks have plenty of insight into the billet manufacturing and design process.

man holding a billet block and part in a factory
(Image/The Cobb Tuning YouTube Channel)

This video gives you a simple, straightforward answer to the whole billet thing, and you’ll see firsthand what the fuss is all about.

More importantly, it’ll explain why not all billet parts are created equal, because there’s a lot of nuance into the materials that can be used under the blanket billet term. Check it out below:

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