While it’s a pretty straightforward process, a clutch swap can be particularly cumbersome for the home DIY’er who may be doing the job in a driveway without professional-spec tools and support.

So when we came across this quick video from the  the clutch experts over at Centerforce, we figured you’d want to see it too.

man cleaning bolt holes in a clutch bellhousing under a lift
(Image/The Centerforce YouTube Channel)

That’s because it’s got some really handy tips on keeping your bellhousing bolts organized and ready for re-installation. That way, you’re not rolling around your garage floor searching for hardware.

Better yet, when it does come time to put your bellhousing bolts back in, this video gives you some more handy tips to make sure that process goes smoothly too—and you’ll be glad you had these tips the next time you install a new clutch kit.

Again, this is a short, two minute video so it’s definitely worth the time if you’re a home DIY’er with a clutch job on the horizon.

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