Welding is equal parts art and science. So when it comes time to join two pieces of metal, you better have a solid handle on both.

The good news is, getting started in the fabrication world isn’t as tough as it sounds and, with a few tips and pointers under your belt, you’ll be able to start developing your welding skills.

That’s why we liked this video from the welding wizards over at Lincoln Electric.

man holding a piece of steel that has been welded into a corner
(Image/The Lincoln Electric YouTube Channel)

This quick video covers the five different types of weld joints that you have to be comfortable with before you start any serious fabrication:

  1. Corner Joint
  2. Fillet Joint
  3. Butt Joint
  4. Lap Joint
  5. Edge Joint

You’ll learn why these particular weld joints are so important, and where you’ll commonly see them used. Better still, this video shows you some handy techniques to make these sorts of welds yourself.

So if you’re thinking about getting into fabrication, or even if you’re already handy with a welder, this 10 minute video is packed with valuable insight and knowledge that can help you develop and hone your welding skills. Give it a look:

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