Planning on hitching up a bulky load, like a camper or car trailer? Then you may want to look at a quality weight distribution tow hitch to make sure you, your tow rig, and your trailer all arrive safe and sound.

To give you an idea of how helpful a weight distribution hitch can be, the towing experts over at Blue Ox put together this quick video. It’ll show you exactly how (and why) a weight distribution hitch is so vital for towing large trailers, regardless of the tow vehicle you’re using.

(Image/The Blue Ox Products YouTube Channel)

More importantly, this video demonstrates how a hitch like this can be beneficial for maneuvering a trailer or camper around a crowded worksite, race pit, or campground.

So if you’ve got any towing in your future, a quality weight distribution tow hitch can make your drive a lot less stressful. Watch this video and learn how:

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