It’s no secret that older cars and trucks often have less than stellar windshield wipers. And it’s also common for hot rod and roadster owners to yank them off entirely for fair-weather driving.

But what happens when a sudden pop-up rain shower threatens your drive home from the track or car show?

The folks at Rain-X have an ingenious solution in the form of their famed Glass Water Repellent.

(Image/The Rain-X YouTube Channel)

When applied directly to your windscreen, Rain-X Water Repellent can enhance the performance of your windshield wipers and, more importantly, it can repel drizzle that could obscure your vision in a small roadster or hot rod.

And while Rain-X Water Repellent is growing in popularity with the vintage car and truck crowd, it’s equally handy in a daily driver, boat, camper, RV, or tow rig.

Recently, Rain-X has begun offering windshield wipers with water repellent capability built right into the blade itself. Check out all the Rain-X Wiper Blades here.

See how it works (and the results) in this quick demo from the Rain-X folks.