For much of the United States, late May through early June typically marks the end of the school year. And attending all those graduation parties must’ve made the Summit Racing social media folks a bit nostalgic, because we recently spotted the following question on both the Summit Racing Instagram and Facebook pages:

What did you drive in high school?

And an influx of Reader Contributions followed shortly thereafter. Like we often do, the OnAllCylinders team filtered through the responses and picked our favorites. Here’s what we came up with—and if you want to add yours, let us know in the comments section below.


“1976 Cutlass, with the Trusted Men of Olds (TMO) trim group. Chrome side mirrors, special badging, console shift, and captain’s chair seating.” – David C. (Image/Facebook)
  • “My 1968 Plymouth that I picked up for 130 bucks. It had a 273, 54k miles, and zero rust.” – David B.
  • “1967 Ford Econoline. 6 cylinder/3speed when I got it; my dad and I built a 289 for it and put an automatic in it.” – Trevor C.
  • “1979 Camaro Z28. Aside from the kid that drove a new Viper, it was the coolest ride in the parking lot.” – Sean M.
  • “My Mom’s Olds Delta 88.” – Ken M.
“I had one these. Kids thought it was a Foxbody Mustang. No, I wasn’t cool.” – David C. (Image/Facebook)
  • “1971 Camaro with a 307 that could have been used to dust crops. Not because it flew, but because of the cloud of smoke behind it.” – Mark T.
  • “2004 GTO. Got it for my 18th birthday. Drove it senior year of high school in 2012.” – Dan G.
  • “1983 Mercury Lynx in 1994. It was very low miles and red with white interior. I loved it.” – Chad G.
  • “My 1974 Dodge Dart Sport 340 auto was my high school car. Still have it 30 years later.” – Jeff K.
“Just a V8 sleeper Thunderbird.” – Michael M. (Image/Facebook)
  • “1987 Caprice, it was my grandpa’s car. I went from a baby seat to the driver seat.” – Nick V.
  • “My 1979 F-150 on a 1973 F-250 frame and axles.” – Kason H.
  • “1978 Malibu, bought in 2004. Worked on it with my dad. Still have it, but goes a little faster now.” – Ed S.
  • “My 5.0-swapped 1985 turbo coupe T-bird.” – Aaron C.
“Hee-haw. First car was right after high school.” – Brian L. (Image/Facebook)
  • “Got a 1986 LS Monte Carlo in 1999, still in the driveway today!” – Mike W.
  • “My 1973 Twister was a awesome ride!” – Mike G.
  • “1979 CJ-7 with a 3-speed, everyone wanted a ride.” – Dawn C.
  • “1979 Malibu. Graduated in 1993.” – Matt M.
“My 1966 GTO.” – David E. (Image/Facebook)
  • “An orange Vega wagon with wood paneling.” – Philip R.
  • “A 1968 Ford Torino that I swapped a 351C into so I could race at the local drag strip.” – Andy S.
  • “1988 Firebird Formula. Class of 2021.” – Joey F.
  • “I walked or rode my bike mostly.” – Mark W.
“1974 Scamp, actually painted the car in class my senior year.” – Kegan B. (Image/Facebook)
  • “I drove a 1973 AMX with a 401, had a 1972 Pinto for the winter beater.” – Ken D.
  • “Class of 2004; drove a 1985 Camaro V8 with dual exhaust & shorty headers.” John H.
  • “1967 Lemans, graduated in 1991. Only car that I regret selling…lol.” – Shawn H.
  • “My two feet.” – Don W.

My 1957 Ranchero, class of 1980. Still have it, it just looks a little different.” – John I. (Image/Facebook)
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