If you’ve ever pulled off a door panel, bumper shroud, taillight, or trim piece on an old car, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the telltale snap of a broken plastic tab.

That’s because, after a few decades, some automotive plastics become as brittle as week-old potato chips—which also means attempting to repair that brittle hunk of plastic becomes a futile (and frustrating) endeavor.

If all this sounds familiar, you’ll want to watch this video.

(Image/The SEM Products YouTube Channel)

The folks at SEM Products devised a way for you to repair a damaged or partially missing mounting tab on your plastic trim.

Better still, the process is relatively easy and only involves a few basic tools and some SEM products, like its Plastic & Leather Prep, XXX Adhesion Promoter, and Quick Set—and after some paint, it’ll be good as new.

So if you’ve got a rattling light, unobtanium trim piece, or sagging bumper that’s suffering from broken mounting tabs, this video may just brighten your day. Check it out:

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