Venture off-road enough times, and you’re going to get stuck. In fact, many off-roaders view it as a rite of passage.

…But that doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

A quick trip online will reveal no shortage of advice on how to get yourself moving again, but—for safety’s sake—you have to make sure you’re getting your tips and advice from a trusted source.

That’s why we like this video from the off-road experts at AGM Products.

(Image/The AGM Products YouTube Channel)

Not only does the company have a dang-near bulletproof reputation for quality trail gear (particularly its fan-favorite ATV/UTV jacks), the AGM folks walk the proverbial walk with countless miles of off-road experience.

So when AGM offers advice on anything off-road, we’re inclined to listen—and we encourage you to as well.

Check out this in-depth video from the AGM team to learn some valuable recovery tips and get your off-roader moving again.

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