If you’re running a return-style fuel system in your vehicle, don’t overlook the importance of the role the return line plays, specifically when it dumps into your tank.

If your fuel return isn’t properly routed and returning back into the right spot in your tank, it could introduce air into the system—which can play havoc with your fuel pressure and may even damage your fuel pump.

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(Image/The FUELAB YouTube Channel)

As an example, the fine fuel folks over at FUELAB made this quick demo video to show you the importance of your return fuel line and more importantly, what can happen if you introduce air and agitation into your fuel system.

The video will run through a few tests and show you how different plumbing setups behave—all in real time. Thanks to plenty of cutaway shots to a multimeter and fuel pressure gauge, you’ll be able to quickly see (and hear) the difference between a good system vs. one that’s struggling.

Check it out below:

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