For many serious fabrication and metalworking shops, a plasma cutter is a must-have tool. That’s because a quality plasma cutter not only saves you a ton of time, it delivers clean, precise cuts without a lot of effort.

That is, of course, if you know how to use one correctly.

To help make sure that you do, the fine fabrication folks at Lincoln Electric made this helpful video that’ll walk you through some basic plasma cutter lessons to get you started.

And given how versatile and affordable some of the Lincoln Electric Plasma Cutters are nowadays, there are plenty of good reasons for the gearhead who does a lot of custom builds to put one in their home garage too.

Fabricator Cutting a piece of steel with a plasma torch
(Image/The Lincoln Electric YouTube Channel)

The tips range from basic plasma cutter safety, to handy techniques that’ll help hone your plasma cutting skills. And the whole video’s only about two minutes long, yet packs a ton of critical tips and lessons in along the way.

So if you’ve been thinking of adding a plasma cutter to your arsenal of fabrication tools, either for your home garage or your professional machine shop, this video is a good place to start learning the fundamentals.

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