“Fully Torqued” is now in its second season on The History Channel. That means more gearhead adventures for Fully Torqued shop owner Steve Pazmany and his mentor Uncle ″Bird” Betts, an old-school rodder with deep roots in California drag racing.

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Some of those projects have pretty cool backstories; for instance, there’s this 1966 Ford Mustang owned by Steve’s father, Peter. The car has a hot 289 backed by a Toploader four-speed, but the green paint was chipping and cracking, and the five-spoke wheels were sized all wrong for the car. Like a good son, Steve took the Mustang to do a quick oil change and tuneup as a Father’s Day present—or so he told his dad.

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What Steve and Bird did was a complete makeover. The Mustang was stripped to bare metal and painted Mercedes dark blue with dual white rallye stripes inspired by the famous Shelby GT350. The car got a slew of Scott Drake exterior goodies including a Shelby GT-style fiberglass hood, grille, emblems, lighting, and weatherstripping. Bird also installed a Summit Racing™ Bumper Pro Pack with new bumpers, brackets, and hardware. The wheels and tires were replaced with aggressive Michelin Sport Pilot Sport 4S tires on 17 inch U.S. Mags Rambler wheels.

Underneath the Mustang got KYB Excel-G gas shocks, Moog replacement front springs and control arms, and a LEED Brakes drum-to-disc brake conversion. The 289 was left pretty much alone, but did get a set of Hedman mid-length headers and a Griffin Exact Fit aluminum radiator/electric fan kit. The tired clutch was replaced with a McLeod StreetPro clutch kit and steel flywheel.

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When Father’s Day rolled around, the entire Pazmany family was gathered as Steve drove up in the shiny blue Mustang. Think his dad was surprised?

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