Do much fabrication or custom chassis and suspension work, and there’s a good chance you’ll eventually have to cut some boxed or round metal tubing.

But while you’d think cutting a piece of steel or iron stock is a pretty straightforward job, it can actually be quite difficult to get a good, clean cut without the proper tools and techniques—and yes, the tactics change depending on the material you’re working with.

That’s where the fine folks at Evolution Powertools come in. The UK-based company makes several highly-regarded metal cutting chop saws that’ll help you make easy, repeatable cuts in round or square tubing, bar sections, unistruts, and studs.

And better yet, in the video below, the Evolution Powertools gang will show you exactly how to do it.

This roughly 15 minute video is packed with handy metal cutting tips, clamping techniques, and methods to get you started making niece, even cuts with a miter saw. Additionally, these tips will go a long way to making sure your saw and blades have long, happy service lives.

You’ll learn about the importance of selecting the right blade for the material you’re cutting and how the proper motion and movement is critical to making sure your cut is finished properly—and safely.

So if you’re facing some custom chassis builds or just want to jump deeper into the fabrication world, this metal cutting training video is a great place to begin. Check it out: