The rumor mills have started churning away again, after the release of a Car and Driver report that the Corvette will evolve into its own brand within General Motors.

While the Car and Driver folks are mum on their source inside GM, the article is packed with some juicy details.

For starters, as its own brand, the story says that the Corvette family would grow to include a four-door “Coupe” (borrowing from BMW’s naming playbook) and a crossover SUV.

More importantly, the Car and Driver article explains that these potential new models would be electric vehicles too—and we’ll presumably see them as early as 2025.


To many industry insiders, the move to make the Corvette its own brand wouldn’t be a surprising one. Chevy’s iconic sports car has always been a halo vehicle for GM and the name itself carries plenty of brand cachet.

GM and Chevy haven’t kept their electrification plans a secret either, with GM’s pledge to halt tailpipe emissions by 2035 and video of Chevy’s electric AWD Corvette test mule ripping around in the snow.

There’s also an established roadmap to follow, with famous marques like Ferrari and Porsche already having four-door and SUV models in their respective showrooms. Heck, even GM’s crosstown rival Ford made plenty of headlines when it announced an all-electric, four-door variant of its venerable Mustang, the Mach-E. If it ever materializes, we would expect this new Corvette brand to be aimed at performance-oriented luxury car buyers who might otherwise be temped by offerings from Stuttgart or Maranello.

Would American car buyers drive a Corvette-branded four-door? How about a crossover with the legendary Crossed-Flags stretched across the tailgate? According to Car and Driver, we’ll find out in 2025.

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