The gauntlet has been thrown down again in the sport compact segment as Honda just pulled the wraps off its 2023 Civic Type R.

The latest in a long legacy of performance oriented Hondas, this new Civic Type R has 315 horsepower and 310 lb.-ft. of torque on tap, making it the most powerful Honda ever sold in the United States (remember the 600 hp NSX Type S is technically an Acura over here).

And it’s only the second time a Civic Type R has ever officially appeared stateside too.


Power comes via the same turbocharged 2.0L K20C1 engine that showed up in the last generation Civic Type R back in 2015. Only this one gets a redesigned turbocharger, better-flowing air intake, and more efficient exhaust system to account for the bump in power output.

The K20C1 will continue to be made at Honda’s Anna engine factory in Sydney, Ohio, while the Type R itself is assembled in Honda’s Yori Plant in Japan.

We first met the K20C1 engine in the previous generation Type R. (Image/Honda)

And (thankful sigh) Honda kept a six-speed manual in the Civic Type R too, with a lighter flywheel and an improved rev-matching system from the previous Type R model, no less.

Autocross fans will also note that the Type R comes standard with a helical limited slip differential.


Speaking of autocross, the Type R will have a wider track than prior generations and increased body rigidity as well—both go a long way to improving the Civic Type R’s cone-carving capabilities. And the Type R comes equipped with an updated version of Honda’s “LogR” on-board datalogging system.

The 2023 Civic Type R will have improved braking, suspension, and cooling systems over the previous generation too. (Image/Honda)

Honda says more details on the Civic Type R will be revealed later this year before it hits dealer floors as a 2023 model.

Fancy digital gizmos aside, we’re just happy to see that third pedal is sticking around. (Image/Honda)
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