While long rumored, we’ve finally got the official word from Dodge that it is ceasing production on the Challenger and Charger after the 2023 model year.

It’s worth pointing out though that Dodge has conspicuously used the phrase “in current form” in its press materials, which leads us to think that there are plans to continue those nameplates at some point.

But before we get all teary-eyed about losing these Hemi-powered monsters, Dodge has made sure to send them out with a bang.


That Includes (checks notes) SEVEN Special Editions

While Dodge was coy about what these special editions will be, it wasn’t shy about alluding to Mopar’s storied musclecar history of the 1960s and 70s. A handful of those special editions were under wraps for the Dodge Speed Week event, and Dodge says the final special edition will be revealed at the SEMA show this fall.


Dodge also tells us that its potent Jailbreak trim will be expanded, and plenty of those iconic high-visibility Mopar colors (including Sublime Green and Plum Crazy) will return for the Challenger/Charger Swan Song.

Regardless of the trim or paint, each of these final year 2023 Charger and Challenger models will get a commemorative brushed aluminum “Last Call” plaque in the engine bay.

Then There’s the Convertible

OK, so Dodge isn’t building the ragtops in its own factory, but it is making it a lot easier to order one through Drop Top Customs. (Image/Dodge)

While there have been a few third-party ragtop conversions done over the Challenger’s lengthy production run, Dodge has chosen one in particular to help you buy one quickly and easily right from a Dodge dealership. Partnering with Drop Top Customs, when you order a new Challenger, your Dodge dealer will have it shipped directly from the Dodge factory to the coachbuilder, so you can get your ragtop faster and easier than before.

The convertible treatment can be applied to a Dodge Challenger R/T, R/T Scat Pack, or the SRT model.

What’s Next for Dodge?

The popular “Destroyer Grey” color is returning too. (Image/Dodge)

Though we can’t say for sure, it seems like Dodge is still full-speed-ahead on that electric all-wheel drive musclecar it teased us with back in 2021. In fact, we’re optimistic we’ll see a pre-production model arrive very, very soon.

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