A while back, we introduced you to Summit Racing’s new Project Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon.

Now, it’s time for the Summit Racing folks to start getting their hands dirty.

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(Image/Summit Racing)

The first step they took towards giving the Jeep Wrangler more off-road capability is a familiar one: a suspension lift, wheels, and tires.

Remember though, the goal of this project is to improve this Jeep’s off-road performance without sacrificing its daily-driver practicality. So the Summit Racing team went with a sensible Rock Krawler 3.5 inch lift and Maxxis RAZR MT 35 inch tire wrapped around a 17 inch KMC Mesa wheel. Check out the install video below and you’ll see why they chose that particular setup—you’ll also learn how they adjusted the Jeep Wrangler’s speedometer to compensate for the larger aftermarket wheel/tire combo.

And check back soon, because there’s another video update on the way.

Want more details on the parts used in the build? 
Click here for the Project Jeep Wrangler page on SummitRacing.com.

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Author: David Fuller

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