It’s been a minute since we got much news from the Buick side of GM’s shop. But if you think that means the Buick folks haven’t been busy, the division just dropped a series of big, big announcements.

First off, Buick’s lineup will be entirely composed of electric vehicles by the end of the decade. While that’s obviously major news, the move isn’t entirely that surprising considering GM’s earlier commitment to be all-electric by 2035.

What is surprising is that Buick slipped the news alongside a gloriously-futuristic Wildcat EV concept. The 2+2 coupe is intended to tease a lot of Buick’s upcoming design language and showcase some of the brand’s tech capabilities.


Looking closer, you’ll also notice the Wildcat EV is wearing a new Buick marque logo. It’s a modern take on the trusty Buick Tri-Shield emblem we’re all familiar with. Buick tells us this new logo will begin appearing on 2023 models.

We dig the new look of the Wildcat EV, particularly its wraparound windshield and turbine wheels.

Cool name too.

Both the Wildcat and Electra names will be familiar to the Buick faithful. (Image/OnAllCylinders – Nicole Kunar)

Speaking of cool names, Buick fans will also be excited to hear that the “Electra” moniker is coming back as well—and not just on a single vehicle. From what we’re hearing, the Electra name is the delightfully obvious choice for Buick’s entire new electric vehicle family.

Buick says we’ll see the Electra badge officially return when it brings its first-ever EV to the North American market as a 2024 model.

If you want a closer look at that Wildcat EV concept, check out the video below:

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