(Image/Silver Sport Transmission’s YouTube Channel)

It’s tough to argue that the Tremec TKO and Magnum five- and six-speeds are really popular manual transmission retrofits for a wide range of classic muscle cars. But beyond their durability and shift feel, did you know that some Tremec transmissions have a flippable shifter location, right from the factory?

With a simple bit of clever engineering, you’re able to put the shifter in a new position—perhaps closer to the driver’s reach or out of the way of an obstruction. Suffice it to say, that customization is a huge, huge plus if you’re doing a driveline conversion or transmission swap in an older car or truck.

In fact, the transmission techs over at Silver Sport Transmission will show you how easy it is to make the flip. Just a handful of carefully-removed bolts is all it takes to give yourself a new shifter position. Check out the process below and see for yourself.

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