(Image/WELD Racing’s YouTube Channel)

When it comes to keeping your tire securely mounted on the wheel during a hard launch at the track, there are a few ways to go about it.

The first (and most basic) is knurling on the inside lip of the wheel, where the tire bead is seated on the rim. Knurling is typically built-in to a wheel at the factory.

Next are wheel rim screws. That’s where you drive screws through the wheel lip, directly into the tire.

Finally, there are beadlock wheels (AKA bead-locs). These are purpose-built race wheels that use a specially designed plate to clamp the tire to the wheel.

But which one is right for your ride? As you’d imagine, there are pros and cons of each tactic, so when we saw this video from the wizards over at WELD Racing, our ears perked up. It goes into detail on the three methods described above, and gives you some good, practical use cases for each one.

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If you’re a racer (or off-roader) and are struggling with tires slipping on your wheels or breaking your bead seal, it’s worth checking out this short, three-minute video:

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