“My 1970 Pontiac Lemans Sport. Currently trying to figure out from where it’s hemorrhaging transmission fluid…” – Mike H. (Image/Facebook)

While driving a finished vehicle is a worthwhile, rewarding experience, most gearheads will tell you that the “Project Car” phase can be just as fun. The Summit Racing folks agree, and they wanted to see the project car, truck, bike, buggy, or whatever other mechanical masterpiece that’s currently dripping oil in your driveway.

So, on their Facebook and Instagram pages, they asked to hear about your Works-in-Progress.

With over 1,000 responses, there were no shortage of Reader Contributions either. We waded through them all and picked some of our favorites. Check them out—and if you’ve got another one to add, drop it in the comments section at the bottom of this post.


“1973 AMC Gremlin that I’m slowly putting back together. AMC 360 engine, 4-speed t10, and a Ford 8.8 rear end. I hope to be able to take it for a drive somewhere in September! – Dan H. (Image/Facebook)
“L76 6.0-swapped Trans Am with 88mm turbo with Summit Racing Pro LS Forged Rods and Pistons.” – Melanie M. (Image/Facebook)
“My Coyote-swapped 1978 King Cobra. All the work was done by yours truly. Everything needed to be custom made!” – Sean D. (Image/Facebook)
“Getting a turbo LS of course.” – Andrew L. (Image/Facebook)
“My 1974 Toyota Corona Mk. II wagon, just trying to make this one run and cruise in it.” – John H. (Image/Facebook)
“Very close to having the Engine and transmission go in!” – Just Travis (Image/Instagram)
LS-Swapped, T56, Mazda RX-7 drift car.” – Eric R. (Image/Facebook)
“My first car build, a 2000 z28 Camaro. It’s actually much more torn apart than this photo right now!” – Ali K. (Image/Facebook)
“Swapping a 2.5 liter 5 cylinder Volvo Turbo from a rusty hulk to a clean 2006 S60 T5.” – Kevin T. (Image/Facebook)
“My bagged OM606 super turbodiesel Grumman LLV. Still some finishing touches to do, but it lights the tyres up a treat!” – Anthony F. (Image/Facebook) 
“1973 Duster. Only needs a few things to get it back on the road, LOL!” – Sean N. (Image/Facebook)
“I’m putting this rebuilt 514 with machined Trick Flow heads and a extreme roller cam in my 1970 Mustang convertible.” – John H. (Image/Facebook)
“This 1989 Volkswagen Fox needs a lot of work.” – Ryan G. (Image/Facebook)
“1933 Hudson on a 1935 Plymouth frame.” – Bannon G. (Image/Facebook)
“1974 Stingray, a work in progress.” – Corey D. (Image/Facebook)
“J-swapping my 1991 Acura Integra.” – Elderado D. (Image/Facebook)
“Just finished rebuilding the rear suspension a few weeks ago on my 1969 Caprice.” – David B. (Image/Facebook)
“My father in-law’s 1949 BSA. His grandpa bought it new. Just got the tank and fenders painted.” – Brian V. (Image/Facebook)
“Almost time to paint baby!” – The Nightmaro (Image/Instagram)
“1992 LX 5.0 Mustang, a long way from being done!” – Matt A. (Image/Facebook)
“It’s that time of year!” – Eric L. (Image/Facebook)
“Almost finished.” – Don N. (Image/Facebook)
“Just starting.” – Brandon M. (Image/Facebook)
“Redoing the entire wiring harness on a 1967 Chevelle. At the stripping out the interior and old wiring stage right now.” – Justin G. (Image/Facebook)

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