The Summit Racing Freedom 500 brings together 20-plus YouTubers and social media influencers in a race of Crown Vics at Cleetus McFarland’s Freedom Factory venue. In the third go-around (pun intended) of the event, Team Cleetus once again turned the get together into a two-day affair by hosting Cleetus and Cars the day after.

You may have seen the the Freedom 500 on pay-per-view. Or you may have seen Cleetus events on his YouTube channel. But we traveled to the Freedom Factory in Florida to get some behind the scenes pics and videos. Here are a few of our favorites:

The Crown Vics all lined up and ready for action. Pretty non-descript, so they just needed the participants to provide a little extra personality…
The guys at Whistlin’ Diesel putting the finishing touches on their entry.
More Crown Vic goodness…
…and more last-minute creativity. In the background, the #38 car belonging to eventual winner Brian Deegan.
The driver’s meeting held by host Cleetus McFarland.
The Lambo pace vehicle, which doubled as the prize for the winner of the event.
Cleetus and Freedom 500 winner Brian Deegan. Image/Cleetus McFarland Facebook
Time for Cleetus and Cars on Saturday. This is open to all vehicles.
Cleetus and Cars draws all kinds of cars, trucks and more.
A Pacer with a…um, unique graphics treatment.
Did we mention you could see just about any vehicle at a Cleetus and Cars show?
The Burnout pad was open on Saturday, and this van was ready for action!
The Freedom Factory Corvette was just one of Cleetus’ vehicles to make an appearance. He even brought out his Ripsaw for a few tricks and burnouts.
The Ripsaw…doing what it wants.
Turbos and blowers were ubiquitous at the event.
Time for a little tire smoke…
OK, a lot of tire smoke!
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