All images in this article are of the European-spec versions. (Image/Volkswagen)

We’ve talked about VW’s ID.Buzz before. A lot of people have, actually.

That’s because Volkswagen’s been teasing us with revived versions of the legendary T1 Microbus (AKA Samba Bus or “Hippie Van”) for decades now, and just when it seems like a design concept will leap to production, VW scuttles the plan.

But not this time.


While Volkswagen has already confirmed that the ID. Buzz was (finally!) going to reach the public’s hands, we remained skeptical until the VW factory in Hanover, Germany started tooling up.

And earlier this year, that happened.

As the headline mentions, the ID.Buzz will be an all-electric vehicle, with zero tailpipe emissions. Its 210 horsepower electric motor drives the rear wheels and VW says the ID.Buzz will have an electronically-limited top speed of 90 mph. No word on an estimated range yet though.

The battery sits low, along the floor of the bus, providing plenty of cargo space in the cabin.


Speaking of cargo space, in addition to the five-passenger ID.Buzz, there will be a cargo van variant of the platform, with a side door and bulkhead separating the driver and passenger from the cargo box.

VW also hinted at an upcoming six-seat version and an extended wheelbase seven-seat option coming later.


And yes, VW plans to offer the ID.Buzz in a wide color palette and there are plenty of proposed custom options too.

VW says Euro-spec models will be in European showrooms by the end of this year. For us in the States, our North American version will be revealed sometime next year and it will go on sale as a 2024 model.

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