(Image/Motorweek via Instagram)

For many gearheads growing up in the 1980s, instead of watching Thundercats with our Marshmallow Krispies on Saturday mornings, we were glued to Motorweek on our local PBS channel.

And that’s why we’re saddened to hear the news via social media that Motorweek’s in-house tech expert, Pat Goss, passed away unexpectedly over the weekend. Goss had been with Motorweek since episode one, where his Goss’ Garage segments quickly became fan favorites. He was well-known for offering his technical expertise on parts, products, engineering, and virtually any other automotive subject.

Thanks to his friendly delivery, Goss had a knack for distilling complex topics into easy-to-understand presentations—helping to inspire countless numbers of car enthusiasts in the process.

You can see some Goss’ Garage segments here, and you may also enjoy Motorweek’s retrospective on Goss’ Garage released in 2021.

In addition to his TV and radio appearances, Goss ran his own auto repair shop, also called Goss’ Garage, in Seabrook, Maryland.

Goss passed away this past Saturday. He was 80 years old.

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