We’re nearing the completion of Project S71, as the Chevy Silverado truck has already received a bounty of off-road and overlanding upgrades, including a bed rack, suspension lift, and LED light bar.

…Now it’s time to get comfy.

Click here to see all the installments in the Project S71 build series.

Remember, overlanding is all about enjoying time in your vehicle, and it all starts with a good night’s sleep. So Project S71 gets a rooftop tent for its truck bed rack to keep its occupants nice and dry—and away from curious critters. Your stomach also plays a huge role during an overlanding expedition, which means a vehicle-powered cooler is a camping essential here too.

To get you there in one piece, the Summit Racing folks will show you a cool GPS device made specifically for overlanding and off-roading. Finally, the Chevy Silverado receives an upgraded hitch, so you can haul a boat, a set of bikes, or whatever else you need to enjoy your off-the-grid time.

Info on the parts installed in the video is below, and and you can get all the details on Project S71 over at SummitRacing.com.

All the comforts of home. Also, a V8. (Image/Summit Racing)

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