While it’s easy to get caught up in the fun of bolting-up cool off-road gear like big wheels and tires, a suspension lift, and rugged bumpers, a major focus of the Summit Racing Project S71 Chevy Silverado build is overlanding.

…And a big part of overlanding is the ability to carry a lot of stuff.

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To that end, this episode in the Project S71 overlanding build video series is all about improving the truck’s cargo-carrying capability (say that five times fast). And the party’s all out back, where the team adds an impressive bed rack, along with some clever Molle Mount racks as well. The truck’s cargo bed also gets some floor protection, along with nifty swing-out cargo boxes for some bonus lockable storage space. See it all go down in this video and then get the scoop on each part installed during the episode below:

And if you want all the information on this entire overlanding build, check out the Project S71 Silverado page from Summit Racing.

While getting there is important, bringing all your stuff with you may be important-er. (Image/Summit Racing)
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