The NHRA’s Street Legal program was developed to encourage drag racing in a safe, structured environment. And now it’s possible to take even more cars to an NHRA-sanctioned Street Legal event.

That’s because the NHRA just announced some new tweaks to the Street Legal program’s ruleset to bring in a bigger range of late model performance vehicles. Here are the highlights:

  • Racers with 2014 and newer OEM model-year production cars can now run as quick as 9.00 seconds and/or 150 mph (5.65 seconds for the eighth mile).
  • Racers with 2008-13 OEM model-year cars will still be permitted to run as quickly as 10.00 seconds and/or 135 mph (6.40 seconds for the eighth mile).

The NHRA’s Street Legal category is for OEM production vehicles. While they can include aftermarket performance parts, all vehicles must be street driven and drivers must carry state-issued proof of registration and valid insurance information. All vehicles must also display a valid license plate(s).

Cars are required to retain OEM airbag, ABS, and other manufacturer-equipped safety systems.

(Image/OnAllCylinders – Jason Liss)

The vehicle’s body and frame must be stock, but convertibles running under 13.49 seconds and T-top cars running under 11.49 seconds in the quarter mile must meet the same roll bar/roll cage requirements as used in the Summit Racing Series.

An NHRA Level 6 license is required for drivers running quicker than 10.00 seconds or faster than 135 mph in the quarter mile. A Level 7 competition license is also available to racers whose elapsed times are above 10.00 seconds in the quarter.

Want to get in on the fun?

Learn more about the NHRA’s Street Legal program here and you can get a more detailed look at the rule changes here.

Then, click here to find an NHRA member track near you.

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