“OG Pro Street and wild paint jobs.” – Troy A (Image/Facebook)

As we push past the Hypercolor shirts and acid-washed jeans hanging in our closet, it’s clear that style is always changing.

And that’s true in gearhead culture too. From synthesized patina to undercar neon, what’s considered hip today may be passé tomorrow. But that doesn’t mean some things don’t deserve a comeback—which prompted the folks over at Summit Racing to ask the question on their Facebook page:

Is There a Hot Rod Build Style, Trend, or Classic Car Feature You’d Love to See Make a Comeback?

There were quite a few solid reader contributions on this one, so we collected some of our favorites below. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments section at the bottom of this post!


“Put names back on cars and lots of pin stripes.” – Eddie C. (Image/Facebook)
  • “Clutch pedals and stick shift manual transmissions!” – Frank M.
  • “Jacked up with air shocks, Cragars, fender exit headers & traction bars.” – Robert L.
  • “Cheap third-gen Camaros for sale.” – G. Z. [True that! – ED.]
  • “Less turbos, more Big Block Chevys!” – Jared H.
  • “More chrome! And not the fake plastic plated stuff!” – Brian H.
“Big tire well handling everyday Racecars…not everyone wants a Small-tire ill handling, overpowered guardrail glider.” – Steven B. (Image/Facebook)
  • “Two door hard tops with front engine V8 & rear-wheel drive.” – Tom J.
  • “Gassers should be more appreciated.” – Jordan C.
  • “Cars with normal sized tires and rims, nothing over 16 inches”. – Eric B.
  • “More acceptance of modern muscle.” – Phil M.
  • “Mini trucks and old school hot rods.” – Robert P.
“More chrome & side pipes.” – Mike F. (Image/Facebook)
  • “Vent windows.” – John H.
  • Bright paint colors instead of beige or some other drab color.” – Nick M.
  • ” Wild show rods, bubble tops & crazy glass bodies.” – Douglas A.
  • “Low rider mini trucks!” – Kevin P.
  • “Street freaks & gassers.” – Josh U.
“Authentic 1970s style street machines.” – Scott C. (Image/Facebook)
  • Proper Day Two muscle cars.” – Jake S.
  • “Old school engines. No more modern swap stuff.” – John B.
  • “Fins!” – Jeff C.
  • “Deep dish slot mag rims & side pipes.” – Josh H.
  • “Rat rods.” – Ralph D.
Custom vans from the 1970s were a popular choice, like this one submitted without comment from Craig A. (Image/Facebook)
  • “Street legal bracket cars. Nothing real expensive.” – Joseph H.
  • T-bucket hot rods.” – Jeff L.
  • “Flared fenders, blue dot taillights & Thrush stickers on every side window.” – Jeff B.
  • “Cragars with white letter tires.” – Dan Z.
  • “Slingshot dragsters.” – Ken A.
“Real trucks.” – Mike C. (Image/Facebook)