“My dad gave me his fully restored 1964 Chevelle SS.” – Sandra M. (Image/Facebook)

Yesterday on Christmas Eve, we revealed some of the gifts you hoped to find under the tree this morning.

Now that it’s Christmas Day, we’re taking a literal page out of Charles Dickens’ book and looking to the past—with some help from the Summit Racing Facebook and Summit Racing Instagram pages, the question was asked:

What was the Most Memorable Automobile-Related Christmas Gift You’ve Ever Received?

And judging from the responses, a lot of you were on Santa’s “Nice” list. From toys to tools, cars to camshafts, there were plenty of good reader contributions that we’d love to see under our tree. (And they make darn good gift ideas for the gearhead in your life too!)

We picked out some of our favorites below, and if you’d like to add any, let us know in the comments section at the bottom of this article.


  • “Tools when I was a kid. Still use them.” – Mark P. [Same – ED.]
  • “My family surprised me with a new engine for my 1969 Mustang Fastback.” – Ken B.
  • “Racestar Rims with Mickey Thompson tires.” – Eva U.
  • “A posi rear end for my 1965 Impala SS. To this day my wife still doesn’t understand what she got me for Christmas!” – Bruce P.
  • “Bolt on ladder bars for a 1969 El Camino.” – John P.
“My daughter had a model made of her great grandmother’s car.” – Michael B. (Image/Facebook)
  • “A speeding ticket on my way to Summit Racing on Christmas Eve to get Gift Cards for my dad.” – Mike C.
  • “My 1969 GTO tree ornament.” – Chris N.
  • “A set of Drag Stars.” – Brian E.
  • “Opening a pair of socks & having the keys to my dads 1988 Chevy truck fall out. Best Christmas present still to this day.” – Jerry W.
  • “A Sears beam torque wrench from my mom in 1958.” – Richard B.
“Bought & built my own gift…” – Don H. (Image/Facebook)
  • “I received a Jr. Dragster one year. Many memories where made!” – Kyle S.
  • “My daughter bought me Race Ramps. Very practical gift.” – Frank D.
  • “In 1980, a set of BFG All Terrain Radials on Hurricane wheels for my 1976 Jeep. Still have the Jeep!” – Hank C.
  • Tools, tools & tools. I don’t care how many tools you have, getting more is always the best.” – Trace M.
  • “I got a Flowmaster muffler & tailpipes for my 1984 Z28, I was so pumped!” – Jimmy M.
“This Hot Wheels way back when.” – Jeff P. (Image/Facebook)
  • “My daughter got me YOM 1938 tag for my Willys.” – Bill T.
  • “Halogen headlights for my 1973 Challenger. And an engagement ring.” – Krista K.
  • “An air horn that played the same thing as the ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Charger.” – Tyler P.
  • “Chrome air cleaner from my wife.” – Adam B.
  • “AMT 1958 Impala model kit when I was a kid.” – Greg W.
“A drive in the ‘General Lee,’ the TV legend.” – Gary W. (Image/Facebook)
  • “1963 Ford Fairlane. Engine in the trunk, transmission in the back seat. Loved that car.” – Dave E.
  • “Trip to Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School to drive a dragster.” – Jeff W.
  • “An 8-track tape player.” – Tom C.
  • “A full tank of gas.” – Daniel S.
  • “A visible V8 model engine.” – Kevin H.


Pretty impressive list, right? Here’s hoping you’ve been a good little gearhead all year long and Santa’s able to stuff some high performance joy down your chimney.

Merry Christmas OnAllCylinders Readers!