Following in the footsteps of its corporate cousin, the Subaru BRZ, Toyota just showed us the second generation of its GR 86 2+2 coupe. The reveal is noteworthy because it assures us that there are still companies willing to make a lightweight, rear-wheel drive sports car with a manual transmission. (And it won’t be a bazillion dollars.)

Originally released as the Scion FR-S in 2013, the coupe was rechristened the 86 and transitioned to the Toyota mothership after Scion was shuttered in 2016.

No longer just “86,” this new car adds GR to its name thanks to a lot of involvement from Toyota’s performance/motorsports wing, Gazoo Racing. In addition to some extra oomph at the gas pedal, the GR 86 will feature improved structural rigidity, along with some weight savings thanks to aluminum body panels.

As alluded to above, the big news is under the hood where the 2022 Toyota GR 86 carries a larger version of the Subaru-sourced Boxer engine. Up from the original’s 2.0L, the new 2.4L four cylinder makes 228 horsepower—a 20 hp bump from the earlier 86/FR-S models. It also makes 184 lb.-ft. of peak torque at much more practical 3,700 rpm (significantly lower than the old 2.0L’s 6,600 rpm peak).

Combine that with a curb weight around 2,800 pounds, and we’re guessing this slightly longer and lower GR 86 will boast some improved handling (and braking, and acceleration) characteristics over its earlier iterations. In fact, Toyota claims the GR 86 will hustle from zero to sixty in an impressive 6.1 seconds.

The new GR 86 has functional aero vents that improve steering response and vehicle stability. (Image/Toyota)

The best news? You can still get the GR 86 with a six-speed manual transmission. Hooray! (An automatic is available as well.)

And what’s really neat is that, with every 2022 GR 86 sold, Toyota will throw in a complimentary one-year membership to NASA, which includes a free High Performance Driving Event and discounted admission to NASA-sanctioned events.

The GR 86 cabin also features some fancy infotainment systems and whatnot. We’re just glad to see it can be equipped with three pedals. (Image/Toyota)

Toyota says that the 2022 GR 86 will be hitting dealerships later this year. At this time, pricing has not been announced.

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