Originally released as an open-bed pickup, GMC just pulled the wraps off the all-electric Hummer Supertruck’s SUV stablemate. And despite being an entirely electric vehicle, GMC is making sure it lives up to the legendary Hummer name.

For starters, the Hummer EV SUV offers an Extreme Off-Road package that gives you 18-inch wheels wrapped in 35-inch tires. It also adds underbody armor and other off-road essentials like rock sliders, heavy-duty ball spline half-shafts, and a high-tech underbody camera (which is like carrying a tiny electronic spotter around with you).

In addition to an electronically-locking front differential, the Hummer EV also uses something GMC calls a “virtual” locker in the back. It’s a slick setup that uses torque vectoring to manage the power delivery to each rear wheel.

GMC also says, even with a 127-inch wheelbase, the Supertruck is surprisingly maneuverable, with a turning circle of just under 36 feet and available four-wheel steering.

The GMC Hummer EV SUV poses with its open-bed Supertruck stablemate. (Image/GMC)

We talked about GM’s Ultium Drive System before, and you’ll see it in action on the Hummer EV SUV. In the right tri-motor configuration, it offers up to an estimated 830 horsepower and a dyno-shattering 11,500 lb.-ft. of torque. (Yes, 11-and-a-half thousand, that’s not a typo.) That power allows the hulky SUV to scoot from zero to sixty in 3.5 seconds.

And GMC also reports that, in the right configuration, you can get over 300 (estimated) miles of range on a single charge.

The MSRP of the base Hummer EV SUV model is just shy of $80,000, while well-equipped models easily pass the $100K mark. GMC says production on the Hummer EV SUV begins in early 2023. In the meantime, you can catch updates here.

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