Rugged and roomy, the DECKED truck bed cargo system makes it easy to carry and secure your gear. (Image/Summit Racing)

Pickup truck owners often face a dilemma: Sure, it’s nice to have a big, open truck bed to haul lots of cargo. But you don’t want to have loose gear rolling and tumbling around back there either.

More importantly, you probably don’t want your expensive tools or equipment out in the open, where they’re exposed to the elements and those with nefarious intent (AKA, thieves).

That’s why the DECKED truck bed cargo system is so flippin’ handy. It lets you securely stow and organize your stuff in big, lockable drawers—away from Mother Nature and prying eyes.

Better yet, these truck bed tool boxes retain the use of your pickup bed, so you can still haul big stuff, like a 4′ x 8′ sheet of plywood or a marimba.

The Summit Racing folks installed a DECKED system in their Project Ram truck in last week’s episode. This week, they’re giving you a much closer look with an in-depth installation video. Check it out below, then learn more DECKED details at the Summit Racing Project Ram page.