The Summit Racing 2.4 Hours of LeMullets is this Weekend on PPV!

Mullets are back in style…and some of the largest automotive influencers are on board!

Cleetus McFarland’s 2.4 Hours of LeMullets, sponsored exclusively by Summit Racing, is the YouTube star’s final pay-per-view event of the year and it takes place this Saturday! The endurance-style event features an hour and a half of nitrous powered crown Vics with a mid-race driver change…all happening at Cleetus McFarland’s Freedom Factory.

The real stars, though, are the 40, yes 40, YouTube celebrities who will battle it out in a wild endurance style race. Check out this list:

  1. Cleetus McFarland – Alex Bowman
  2. Mike Finnegan – David Freiburger
  3. Matt Demo Ranch – Donut Operator
  4. Vaughn Gittin Jr. – Chelsea Denofa
  5. Bruce Wilson – Whistlin Diesel
  6. AdamLZ – Collete Davis
  7. Taylor Ray – Kevin Smith
  8. Kyle, Boostedboiz – Emilio, Boostedboiz
  9. Ronnie Mac – Danny Duncan
  10. Hert, Hoonigan – Rob, Hoonigan
  11. Leo, SXS Blog – Doug, SXS Blog
  12. Blake Wilkey – Ronnie Renner
  13. Kyle, 1320Video – Derek, Vice Grip Garage
  14. Justin SCT – Victor BMP
  15. Brent, Boostedboiz – Jamie, Boostedboiz
  16. JH Diesel – Nick, SXS Blog
  17. Emelia Hartford – Alex Taylor
  18. James Taal – Doug, MotionRaceworks
  19. RG, 3:16 Speed – Nick, 3:16 Speed
  20. Jeremy, Fasterproms – Cooper Bogetti
  21. Tom Bailey – Dr. TuneEmAll

Just like the last two events there is an early bird special of $9.95 with the day of being $14.95. So order now and come back November 14th to watch the event live right here on


  1. Daniel Wilson says:

    I recently watched one of McFarlands 30 lap events featuring a small field of celebrity drivers all driving Ford Crown Victorias. The on track antics reminded me of a demolition derby at times but the drivers obviously had a great time beating the hell out of their “race cars”. The cars appeared to be the tough as nails service vehicles equipped with the Police Interceptor package.

    From my experience driving the Vicky Police Interceptors at work, I know they won’t set any quarter mile records but they are solid cruisers at high speeds. With nitrous on board for the big final event of the season, things should get interesting very quickly. If the Crown Vic’s are running with stock bottom end rotating assemblies and heavy doses of nitrous for an hour and a half, the term “endurance race “ will definitely be illustrated with a BIG BANG !!!

  2. Hell Yea Brother!

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