Even as a virtual event this year, the 2020 SEMA360 show delivered an impressive mix of the latest automotive gear.

And, as always, there was a wide range of new stuff to check out: from street performance to off-roading, racing to restoration and everything in between.

We noticed a nice uptick in the electronic performance category too—a clear sign of things to come.

While the SEMA folks have already announced their Best New Product Award winners for 2020, here are 10 products in particular that you’ll find interesting.

1. AEM Performance Electronics, VCU300 EV Control Unit
It’s no secret that electric vehicles can deliver impressive performance, so the aftermarket is stepping up big time. Offering torque limits, motor speed regulation, and more, this new control unit from AEM Electronics is ideal for both motorsports and high performance street applications.


2. Curt Tri-ball Universal Coupler Lock
Anyone who’s put an unhitched trailer in a driveway, parking lot, or worksite knows the nagging sense of dread from leaving it unattended. This oh-so-clever lock from Curt can help mitigate that feeling with a very obvious deterrent.

(Image/Curt Manufacturing)

3. Westin Overland Cargo Rack
Want to maximize your truck’s versatility? This best-of-both-worlds rack from Westin lets you use the space in your bed while simultaneously giving you a platform to mount storage boxes, a tent, gas cans, or a lot of other stuff that you want to lug around.


4. Flaming River Microsteer Electric Power Steering with Speed Sensor
While electronic power steering retrofits aren’t new, having variable, adaptive power assist is certainly innovative. And that’s what Flaming River does here. So not only do you get a compact power steering solution, you get one that adjusts the amount of steering assist based on your speed, automatically.

(Image/Flaming River)

5. Oracle Lighting UV-C Mini Sterilization Lamp
Perfect for automotive applications, this lamp from Oracle is tested to properly disinfect and inactivate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Simply plug it in to a power source (USB cable included), set it in your cup holder, and press its power button when you leave. It turns on for 15 minutes and then shuts down automatically.


6. Mopar Doors-Off Mirror Kit for Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator
Doors-off fun is, like, the whole point of Jeep ownership, right? Problem is, your mirrors are attached to the doors—and driving without mirrors is a big no-no. Mopar solves that issue for Jeep JL Wranglers and Gladiators with this simple-to-install kit.


7. Powerhouse Retainer Gauge Tool
Do a lot of valve work? Here’s a handy, yet vital, tool from Powerhouse. It measures the angle degree—6°, 7°, Super 7 (8°), and 10°—of any steel or titanium retainer, so you can quickly determine which valve locks to use.


8. QA1 3″ MOD Series Shocks
Imagine being able to completely re-valve your shocks at the track. In minutes. While they’re still on the car. That’s why these new shocks from QA1 are so slick. Though they’re designed for racing applications, these shocks work pretty darn well on high performance street cars too.


9. RESTOPARTS Manufactured Washer Jars
They get old, turn yellow, crack—and there’s a good chance there’s a new lifeform (or two) incubating in yours. RESTOPARTS has factory-correct restoration washer jars in a ton of applications for those who need a OE-spec replacement.

(Image/Original Parts Group)

10. Vintage Air FrontRunner for the LT1 and LS
So…ahem…you may have hear that LS swaps are pretty popular. That’s why the Vintage Air folks designed a compact accessory drive system for LS-series and LT1 engines. Clean and simple, it’s a smart way to make your engine swap go a bit easier.

(Image/Vintage Air)
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Author: Paul Sakalas

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