It probably had to come down to this.

A Movie Car Showdown Finals Match-Ups between the iconic 1932 Ford from American Graffiti and the ’55 Chevy from Two-Lane Blacktop. Yes, it’s the same Chevy Falfa drove in American Graffiti, so it really is a rematch of sorts!

Well, enough of our gabbing. We’ll let your fellow enthusiasts and Summit Racing Facebook Fans tell you the winner:

The Winner

“The 2 most iconic movie cars of all time for sure and while I would love to call it a tie, for me, Milners 32 ford inches it out for the win because it was the sole car that got me into hot rodding and I’m sure it’s the same for a lot of people.” –Corey H.

 “32 Ford on this one. That’s a hard one, I really like both of them.” –Randy W.

“Love both movies but Milner will always be the man and the 32 will always be the baddest on paradise road.” –Keith S.

“The 55 Chevy is the same 55 from American graffiti. So the 32 is still number 1 IMO” –Roy S.


Yep, Milner’s coupe takes the match again!

And it was a tough road. In route to the win, it took out the Christine ’58 Plymouth Fury, Jack Reacher’s Chevelle, Steve McQueen and his Bullitt Mustang, and the Two-Lane Blacktop ’55 Chevy.

If you want to learn more about the ’32 Coupe from American Graffiti, check out some awesome American Graffiti Coupe facts.

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