Our friends at Summit Racing invited the audiences of their Facebook page and OnAllCylinders to share photos of their sleeper cars.

We liked it.

And, as they do, hot-rodders delivered.

Below we share a handful of the sleepers shared by readers as well as Summit Racing fans and customers.

My 1978 LTD2, with a 534BBF. Kind of shocking sometimes to other cars on the street. – Denis L.
6.0 LS/T56-swapped Impala wagon. – Tyler J.
1989 Volvo 740 with 350 small block Chevy. 330 bhp, stock brakes, stock suspension, stock rear axle. – Andy A.
How about a turbo Ecotec-powered Smart Car that runs 10.90s. – Trevor H.
Flat hood 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T with 496 stroker and 4-speed. – Andrew W.
My daily driver here in Germany. 1972 C10 with 5.3L LS swap. Cammed and tuned. – Markus E.
My ‘84 Dodge Diplomat, EFI 5.2 Magnum, single GT45 turbo. – Ralph M.
1972 Pontiac Firebird “350” with a 396 BBC, TH400 4.10 12-bolt posi. – Patrick C.
Supercharged 3.8L and five-speed. Planning to swap 5.0L Coyote, 6.0L LS or 5.7L Hemi. – R.J. D.
It doesn’t look like a sleeper but everyone thinks it has a slow carbed SBC. But it’s a fresh built 350 complete with an EFI system, long-tube headers and performance exhaust. – Wilperro R.
My 75 Malibu was pretty tame. Opened up the exhaust, headers, XPype dual Flowmasters, and a Spectre cold air ram on the 350 SBC. It became a grocery getter with some pep. – Brian L
My 78 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham D’Elegance. Powered by what started life as a 500 cu in in a 75 Eldorado. Now measures 530 cu in. Sports 10:1 compression Keith Black pistons (and a laundry list of other improvements) with over 500 hp and 600 ft.-lbs. of torque at the rear. Definition of sleeper. – Chad M.
My daily sleeper bone stock outside cammed tuned, cold air intake, Borla exhaust, very unassuming. I love it. – Colin T.
My 1968 Firebird with a 575 hp modified LS2 6.0L. – Mike M.
1977 Cutlass Supreme. With a built 1970
Rocket 350. – Nicholas L.
1987 Buick Regal with a 6-cylinder. 11.95 @ 113. – Russell G.
Who would ever think, a BBC 468 , 4L80E, with 3:73 gears, is in my rust bucket …. It gets picked on, the picking stops when the light turns green lol. – Richard M.
Turbo LS 5.3 Jeep Liberty, TSP cam, meth injection, currently 15 psi making around 650ish. – Adam H.
59 Catalina. Just a little old 389 Pontiac (.060 over), Edelbrock heads, Comp Magnum cam, and Edelbrock Pro Flo 4 efi. With 10.5:1 compression it makes roughly 475+ horsepower with a 4 speed, 3.64 gears and a spool. Oh and the car only weighs roughly 3400 pounds……… nice little cruiser…… – Bent Rodz
76’ CJ7 with a 89’ Mustang GT 302. Fuel injection and a stickshift. Only weighs 2700 pounds, it’s not all that slow anymore. -Brandon D.
Most assume the II Mustang is a snail. With a build 308, tough C4 and 3:80 Detroit locker it goes well and surprises many. – Jason B.
1977 Chrysler Cordoba with a built up 440 big block. – Jacob S.