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Lot Shots Find of the Week: 1966 Chevy Chevelle SS 396

(Image/Patrick Miller – OnAllCylinders)

Chevrolet entered the muscle car market with the introduction of its Chevelle (Malibu) SS in 1964. The first-generation Chevelle started out with 283 small block, but Chevy soon broke its own cubic inch limitations and offered the Chevelle SS with a 396-cubic-inch big block.

And the muscle car wars quickly escalated.

Chevrolet, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Ford, Mercury, Plymouth, Dodge, and others would spend the next several years one-upping each other until the gas crisis killed the fun. Featuring a potent 396 Turbo-Jet engine and an aggressive Pro Street feel, this 1966 Chevelle SS that we spotted in the parking lot of Summit Racing‘s retail store in Tallmadge, OH takes us back to that first generation of Chevelles when the muscle car rivalries were just beginning.

(Image/Patrick Miller – OnAllCylinders)
(Image/Patrick Miller – OnAllCylinders)
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  1. Ty Gross. AKA=Tystyx says:

    These were/are MONSTERS! I can remember these BAD BOYS from my high school days(70s).Factory Muscle Cars were no joke not to mention what us “Knuckle Busters”would concoct in our back yards/Garages! Those were the days.

  2. Jeff Barnes says:

    Bouht one in 1968 for $803 Yellow with a black vinyl top 4spd muncie with a 360HP flat tappet hydraulic cam. Fast but did not rev like my buddies solid lift cam 1967 He ran the 1/4mile almost 2sec faster, but blew his engine 2 times. Mine never blew as it would get into valve float first

  3. Jeff Oxley says:

    I had a ’66 El Camino with a built 327. Only lost two races, one out of the hole and the other on top end with a ’65 Corvette. It would pull the front tires up almost two feet power shifting into second. Black with the coolest flames you ever saw, I miss that Elky, what a chick magnet! This was back in the early ’70’s, street racing at it’s zenith.

  4. Come on. Some more details please – four speed? 325 or 350 HP? Maybe a 375 HP solid lifter car? However, this is one of my favorite cars and in the best color as well. along with Honduras Maroon.

  5. I have one with a 427 that I bought in 1980. I pulled out the 6 cylinder and replaced it with the 500HP big block, a Turbo 400 and a 12 bolt posi. I started it up yesterday and it sounds great.

  6. Larry johnson says:

    Had a 396/360 Lemon wood yellow black int loved that motor

    • I have a1966 Chevelle ss396 numbers matching car 10,000 org miles been in family since new .not very many have I seen with corvette cameo blue 325 hp 4speed car

  7. Steve Collins says:

    I had a 66 Chevelle in 1968, loved it. White, red leather buckets automatic w/327 275 horses dark center ETs Goodyear rally redline tires,13 cents a gallon for gas. $2.00 worth and drive all weekend.

  8. I have a 66sscar..bought in 1971 in high schook and still have it and restored. It was a 360.hp 4spd car and still drives a little..retired the motor in 2018..too many leaks and rattles..replaced 454 motor and really purrs now..still a great little car for 50 years..r.jones.nash.tn.

  9. Garry Tate says:

    I bought a blue 66 SS with 396 4 speed in June 1974 for 600.00 from a friend, I drove it for 9 months and sold it back to home for 1,000.
    I had put chrome reverse wheels with baby moons on it, N50/15 on the rear. I would not have sold it except to him. He kept that car for over 25 years. He had bought it new when he returned from Vietnam.

  10. Rudy Tajalle says:

    I have a ’66 SS Chevelle 396/375+, 4 spd, Red on Red.

  11. My best friend (Sonny), had one of these bad boys during my senior year. We had a blast in this muscle car. Glad he was an excellent driver, my what fun we had driving around in it!

  12. William Maynard says:

    How much do you want for that car

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