The Late Jessi Combs Officially Named “Fastest Woman on Earth”

Image/ Nick Ares, CC BY-SA 2.0

Today, the late Jessi Combs officially achieved her goal.

The Guinness Book of World Records has certified that Combs reached 522.783 mph during her fatal attempt last year to become the world’s fastest woman. The previous record was 512.710 mph, set by Kitty O’Neil.

Previous to that run, Combs also set the women’s land speed record on October 9, 2013, with an official run of 398.95 mph, breaking the previously held record of 308.51 mph held by Lee Breedlove.

According to Harney County Sheriff’s Office, Combs’ fatal crash was “most likely caused from striking an object on the desert” causing a failure of the wheel assembly and a subsequent complete loss of control.

Although the record was awarded posthumously, Jessi Combs’ new title of “fastest woman on earth” is well deserved.


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  2. An ABSOLUTELY amazing woman…. she will be more than missed…

  3. Chloe Daniel says:

    Used to like watching Jessi on All Girls Garage anything you wanted to know she would show how to fix it or up grade. You will be missed dearly. RIP Jessi..

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