This year’s edition of Muscle Car Match-Ups pitted old school rides vs. new school rides.

After the first-round match-ups where one classic faced off against the best modern muscle cars on the planet, half of the MCMU field was eliminated, and 100-percent of those left standing were classics.

RIP, modern muscle.

Everyone knows modern performance machines are second to none on the track. But in an online popularity contest decided by votes, the classics figured to fare well. And understatement, as it were.

So, in memoriam of our fallen new-school rides, we honor them with a gallery of reader rides submitted on Summit Racing’s Facebook page.

Check ’em.

Brandon H.’s 2014 Challenger
Chris B.’s Pontiac Firebird
Adam C.’s Camaro SS
Brandon S.’s 2005 Mustang GT
Larry G.’s Dodge Charger
Mike L.’s 2012 Mustang GT
Joey G.’s 2010 Camaro SS
Klayton H.’s Dodge Challenger R/T
Michael T.’s Mustang GT
Donnie M.’s 2005 Pontiac GTO
Chad C.’s Mustang (and his wife’s Charger)
Craig M.’s Firebird
David T.’s Mustang GT
Glenn T.’s Dodge Challenger
Isaiah J.’s Pontiac G8 GT
Alex C.’s 2019 Mustang GT
Andy L.’s Dodge Charger Super Bee
Brandon A.’s Pontiac Firebird
Jeff D.’s Camaro SS
Paul S.’s Dodge Challenger
Phillip M.’s 2015 Camaro
Michael M.’s Dodge Challenger & Charger
Michael R.’s Corvette
Larry S.’s 2019 Mustang GT
Mike F.’s 2007 Charger Daytona
Roland J.’s Dodge Viper
Ray T.’s 2002 Camaro
Robert S.’s Challenger Scat Pack
Ryan B.’s Camaro
Todd E.’s 2011 Mustang GT
Sandy S.’s 2011 Camaro SS
Steve L.’s 2008 Bullitt Mustang
Ron J.’s 2016 Challenger Hellcat
Steve P.’s 2013 ZL1 Camaro
Travis A.’s 2001 Mustang Bullitt
Tyson C.’s Camaro
Victor G.’s Mustang GT
Shirley P.’s 2013 Camaro SS