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Video: 5 Common Torque Converter Issues–and How to Avoid Them!

In this video, the experts at Summit Racing Equipment cover five of the most frequent transmission torque converter issues discussed with customers.

This includes vehicle performance-related issues that can be traced to your torque converter, including poor acceleration and sluggish or slow speed. Since this is often related to improper stall speed, they also provide a few key considerations for choosing the right converter stall speed–engine torque, rpm range, vehicle weight, and more. They also troubleshoot some installation issues, such as poor converter-to-flexplate clearance and improper converter engagement on transmission input shaft. Finally, the video examines common causes of premature converter wear and failure.

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  1. There’s SO much confusion in picking a torque converter that you could do a 500 most common question video and barely scratch the surface. When I’m choosing a converter, I spend A LOT of time, both on the phone and, emailing the manufacturers tech support people. It’s always been time well spent for me because I’ve always got the right one for any particular application the first time.

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