The crew at Summit Racing chose the FOX Racing Shox 2.0 Performance Series Coilover IFP shocks for its 2019 Ford F-150 truck upgrade project, which we introduced yesterday.

Today’s video covers the installation of the FOX Shox, which Anthony Grosser, senior market specialist at Summit Racing, said improved both the truck’s appearance and ride quality.

“We turned it into a real eye-catcher,” Grosser said. “The FOX 2.0 Performance Series IFP coil-over and rear 2.0 Performance Series IFP shocks provided a way better ride over factory as well as a two-inch lift up front. That allowed us to fit a larger tire, which in return gave the truck more ground clearance.”

The above video goes into great detail, walking you through each step of the process to remove both the front and rear factory shocks, and replace them with these bolt-on replacements:

Check out the video for more.