There is building engines to make big power.

And then there is building engines to make big power for several hours. Endurance racing is hell on engines. They have to make enough power to keep up with the competition, and do it for many hours at a stretch, which is no easy feat.

So when BMR Racing needed an endurance racing engine built for their American Endurance Racing 1993 Ford Mustang, they turned to Engine Power’s Pat Topolinski and Mike Galley from Power Nation, which you’ll hear BMR Racing co-owner Bill Burger talk about in today’s video, courtesy of our friends at Summit Racing.

What must the engine do?

  • Must be able to run eight hours or more straight at peak performance.
  • Must make 575 horsepower or more.
  • Must run on pump gas.
  • Must rev to about 8,000 rpm.

We think that sounds hard. Which explains why Burger talked to Topolinski and Galley instead of us.

“They did that with flying colors,” Burger said.

Topolinski and Galley built a Windsor-based small block Ford 363. The engine makes 577 hp at 7,400 rpm, revs to 8,000, and do it for nine-hour stretches.

In addition to watching the video above, you can read more about the BMR Racing Mustang and engine build here.

BMR Racing Ford 363 Endurance Racing Engine Parts List

Engine Block and Internals

  • Dart Iron Eagle engine block
  • Lunati Voodoo forged crankshaft
  • Eagle Specialties H-beam connecting rods
  • DSS Racing forged piston and ring set
  • COMP Cams Magnum solid roller camshaft
  • Clevite H-series main and rod bearings
  • ATI Super Damper harmonic balancer
  • Cloyes Tru-Z billet roller timing set
  • All Star Performance timing cover

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Oiling System

  • Canton Racing Road Race oil pan
  • Canton Racing oil pump pickup
  • Canton Racing oil pickup stud
  • Canton Racing oil pan gasket
  • Canton Racing oil dipstick
  • Melling high-volume/high-pressure oil pump
  • ARP oil pump driveshaft

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Top End

  • Trick Flow Twisted Wedge 11R 205 cylinder heads
  • Crower stainless steel shaft-mount rocker arms
  • Cometic MLS head gaskets
  • Crower Severe Duty roller lifters
  • Trick Flow pushrods
  • Holley Super Sniper 1250 HP EFI system
  • Trick Flow R-Series intake manifold
  • MSD billet distributor
  • MSD 6A NASCAR ignition
  • MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor ignition wires
  • Holley HP EFI management system

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Completer Parts

  • Kooks long-tube headers
  • Jones accessory belt drive kit
  • Powermaster race alternator
  • FUELAB 515 Series fuel pressure regulator
  • ACT Prolite forged steel flywheel
  • ARP cylinder head stud kit
  • ARP balancer bolt
  • ARP engine bolt kit
  • Trick Flow valve covers
  • Moroso valve cover breathers
  • Summit Racing oil breather tank
  • ATI timing pointer

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