LAS VEGAS, NV–The Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center is both delightful and maddening at the same time. The Central Hall is where most of the street performance and racing manufacturers set up shop, and it’s seemingly the most congested area in terms of SEMA attendees.

Fortunately, the New Product Showcase brings together all the best new products from this area into one, less-congested section. That’s where we found these items for muscle cars and street performance.

US Gear Ford 9″ Stealth Series Ring and Pinion

Made with the most advanced gear-cutting technology, these gears offer the most consistent cut on the teeth in the industry. That makes them quieter without compromising strength, provides maximized tooth contact, and yields consistent and wider pattern.

FiTech Force Fuel System

This system makes the upgrade to fuel injection even easier. The Force Fuel simply connects to a stock mechanical or electric fuel pump and, through the use of an internal 340 LPH fuel pump, supplies the EFI system with the high pressure required.

Aeromotive TVS Brushless Fuel Pump

This 5gpm brushless fuel pump has an on-board TVS (True Variable Speed) Controller that provides unmatched fuel flow at full speed while allowing pump speed reduction and flow control using a simple 0-5VDC analog input at the pump.

FST Split Billet Excess Pro Series Carburetor

Designed for serious high performance racing applications, these carbs feature complete CNC billet construction and are available with airflow ratings of 525 and higher cfm.

Turbosmart Electronic Wastegates

The first of its kind, this electronic wastegate provides a level of control never available before–no need for compressed gas or boost hoses, no need for changing springs, and no need for complex solenoid hook-up methods. Boost control is now completely adjustable from your laptop.

JE Pistons MGP Big Block Chevy Pro Series

These rods feature full radial serrations that ensure zero cap movement in demanding environments, and a special MGP “Hard Bore” small-end process that reduces wear and bore deformation.

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering LNC-2000-2SR Launch Controller

This launch control module is an adjustable RPM limiter with two timing retard functions. It can be used to provide consistent launch RPM off the line in drag racing and other standing start applications.

Holley 6.86″ Pro Dash

Holley’s new 6.86″ Pro Dash delivers over 200 monitoring channels of real-time data in a more compact HD package than the original Pro Dash.

Dakota Digital RTX Dash for 1967-68 Mustang

The RTX dash delivers modern performance and accuracy in a package that maintains your 1967-68 Mustang’s vintage look.
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