(Image/Sean Cutright – OnAllCylinders)

LAS VEGAS, NV — Among the bevy of new products Holley Performance launched in 2019, the iconic brand expanded its mid-mount engine accessory drive systems product line to include applications for both small block Chevy and big block Chevy engines.

Holley touts its popular mid-mount accessory drives as revolutionary because the company eliminated the brackets from what is traditionally a bracketed system.

The accessories are pulled in tighter by the design and bolt directly to the water pump for clean integration. The system includes an alternator that uses the same six-phase technology seen on the C7 Corvette.

These accessory drive systems are “complete kits,” Holley officials say. Every part and accessory is included:

  • Water pump
  • A/C compressor
  • Alternator
  • P/S pump with reservoir
  • Pulleys and belts
  • A/C line adapter
  • Heater hose adapters
  • Power steering to -6 AN hardline
  • Alternator plug/harness
Here’s a look at Holley’s new black-finished big block Chevy accessory drive system. (Image/Holley Performance)