Koul Tools touts its Fitting Fixer as a tool that repairs damaged fittings on the spot. It utilizes an inverted cone with diamond-dust coated lapping material to resurface the sealing area on 37° fittings.

“An imperfection on the fitting can cause it to leak,” said Dick Raczuk, founder of Koul Tools in a company news release. “And what if it’s a weld-in bung? Now you’ve got a major headache. In the past, you would have to replace that fitting and maybe the tank as well. Now you can repair it.”

Using Fitting Fixer is simple, company officials say. The damaged fitting screws into a guide to hold it in place and the lapping head is attached to a drill. Next, simply spin the lapping head on the fitting’s sealing surface until the damage is repaired.

Koul Tools Awarded Patent on New EZ-ON Hose Press Tool

(Image/Summit Racing)

Koul Tools received a patent for its new and improved EZ-ON Hose Press—the 409B.

The EZ-ON Hose Press 409B installs both straight and angled fittings from 1/4″ to 1″ sizes in seconds, utilizing a stationary vise to secure the fitting, and a traveling carriage to clamp the hose. The hose is then easily installed by turning the drive screw with a ratchet or impact gun.